KEEN - Knowledge exchange enterprise network

The Knowledge Exchange & Enterprise Network (KEEN) helps West Midlands based organisations increase profitability and growth through working with a regional university.

KEEN works by putting a recent graduate into an organisation to work on a strategic growth project, with ongoing support from experienced university experts. Companies benefit from part funding by the European Regional Development Fund, allowing them to recruit talented graduates and access cutting edge university knowledge throughout the duration of the project.

From furniture design through to web development to the environmental sciences and engineering – there is no such thing as a typical KEEN project. Each one is bespoke, built around particular business requirements and can vary in length from six to 12 months.

Popular from its launch in 2012, there have been over 70 collaborations to date with graduate project managers making an impact in from day one.

KEEN makes a real difference for organisations, graduates and university experts, please visit the pages relevant for you and contact us to find out more.